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Overview of the game

The game was named ‘Indiana Joe’. It was given such a name because of its adventure and survival aspect. Like the movie ‘Indiana Jones’, here the character, Joe, must survive in a hostile environment and collect Jewels to stay alive. Joe must face enemies who will purchase him and try to kill him. But Joe will be able to defend himself if he is able to collect a sword. Then Joe will have to play it smart. In fact, the monsters do not really like to share their space, therefore if they get too close from each other, they will collide into one, bigger, faster monster. This will make it easier for Joe to defend himself since he can use his sword on a single monster at a time! Then the more Jewels collected by the Joe the better his score and his chances to survive. If Joe collects enough Jewels, a Key will appear and collecting this key will create a Chest, protected by another monster. Once this monster is killed, the Chest is accessible. It will give Joe the opportunity to run faster or increase his health. But the Chest can also slow down Joe and poison him.

Game controls 

The game controls are simple, you just need to use the mouse and left-click on the platform where you want to go. Then if you have a sword and you are facing a monster, you can right-click to use your sword but be careful ! Once you have killed a monster with your sword, it will be destroyed!

Any accessibility features / limitations 

Since the movement mechanics of the character allow him to predefine his trajectory and to move to his target in a smooth and smart way, if a monster is getting close you must wait for the monster to be close so that your character turns around and faces the attacking monster. So if you are in movement you won’t be able to face a monster, you have to wait to be stopped to engage in a fight.

Recommendations for playing (e.g. controllers, multiplayer) 

The only advice would be to play it smart when many monsters are on the platform, make them collide into a single monster so that you can defeat them more easily!

BitBucket link : https://bitbucket.org/oceswim/search-for-a-star/src/master/


IndianaJoeBuild.zip 31 MB
IndianaJoe-Report.pdf 107 kB

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